GRAYCORP is a South Australian owned and operated business that has been working with Australian small to medium sized companies since 1992. Building upon more than 20 years of software development experience, we offer solutions that meet the needs of Food & Beverage manufacturers and distributors who are confronted by the reality of high-volume, low-margin work. While each business is unique, there are common issues hounding today’s Food & Beverage entrepreneurs, including disparate systems, limited production control, large amounts of manual data entry, poor inventory control, and inability to trade online or electronically with their partners. The consequences are real and immediate and can have a profound impact on the profitability and ongoing viability of a business:

Labour-Intensive Data Entry – In many businesses it is not uncommon to see the same data being manually keyed multiple times into disparate systems. This is not only labour-intensive and costly, but also introduces the potential for human error.

Spreadsheet and Paper-Based Systems – While the administrative functions within a business typically centre on accounting software, many of the logistics, sales, inventory, production and traceability processes revolve around spreadsheet and/or paper-based systems. This typically results in silos of information and dependence upon key individuals who are the authors or main users of such systems.

Limited Visibility Across the Business and the Lack of Centralised Information Capture – The disparate nature of systems in most businesses lead to a limited ability to access real-time information across the whole of the business. In many cases, managers are using outdated or incomplete information to base their decisions upon. Typically this results in “gut feel” becoming a significant factor in the decision-making employed in the business.

In order to grow and thrive in today’s fast paced business environment, it is highly critical to address these challenges to not only ensure profitability, but also meet the ongoing demands of customers and to manage all aspects of daily operations at optimum speed and effort. In the early 1990s, these challenges led our founding director, Kevin Gray, an accounting and consulting expert of over two decades, to develop a software solution for the small to medium sized manufacturing industry, which was yet to be well-supported by the availability of reliable manufacturing software. Early adopters rapidly realised that they could operate their businesses in a more efficient and better informed way by using an integrated system.

Through the years, we cover the needs of companies both small and big, growing and established, in the Food and Beverage (F&B) and Wholesale Distribution industries.

GRAYCORP’s ERP software solutions are used by some of the Australia’s leading Food & Beverage companies today, increasing general visibility and efficiency across their enterprise. Through continual research, consultation, and extensive industry navigation, we maintain a unique understanding of our clients’ commercial needs and challenges. We are able to transform that specialised knowledge into a suite of industry-specific, highly customisable solutions. Our simple, powerful suite of software empowers you with the information you need, when you need it.

Kevin Gray – Owner & Founding Director

Kevin is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and experience and has performed managerial and major consulting work for multinational corporations. Operating as a sole trader, Kevin started developing GRAYCORP’s ERP software in 1992 when there was no strong, commercially viable software proposition for growing manufacturing companies. He understood the importance of auditability of a system with the data integrity requirements as well as the practical need to cope with the numerous product-oriented tasks of these firms. Today Kevin acts as our principal consultant and manufacturing expert, leading implementations and mentoring our services team. He also maintains an active role in guiding the product development activities of the business to ensure that statutory and auditability requirements are met.

Lachlan Gray – Owner & Managing Director

Lachlan has over 18 years of experience in the software sector, holding key account management, project management, marketing, and senior management roles in companies in Australia and the United Kingdom. Starting as a Systems Support Officer, Lachlan has worked across all functional areas at GRAYCORP and has held senior positions of General Manager, Chief Executive Officer, and now Managing Director. With the extensive breadth of Lachlan’s experience he has valuable insight into the commercial needs of growing Food & Beverage businesses. Today Lachlan is responsible for the development and expansion of the GRAYCORP business. He also maintains an active involvement with our clients, continually searching for opportunities for further refinement and efficiency gains through the use of software and technology.

Our Team At the core of the GRAYCORP team is a highly motivated, experienced personnel providing a unique blend of direct commercial experience in distribution and manufacturing consulting, business application development, and client support within the Food & Beverage industry.

The GRAYCORP team consists of dedicated project managers, software developers and testers, and support specialists in Australia and South East Asia. Our people are equipped with the expertise, training, and collaborative spirit to provide timely, high-quality and accessible sales, set-up and implementation, and support services to your business.

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