Transform your data in to powerful business insights, helping to drive better decisions.

Unlock Powerful Business Insights

In today’s business world there is an ever growing volume of data, which provides enormous opportunity for those organisations that can adequately harness and use the information. However, traditional reporting systems are rigid and based upon a user proactively seeking to find the data.

GCORP IQ is a business intelligence solution that transforms the vast repository of information within your GCORP ERP system into powerful business insights. By providing “push” based mechanisms, information is readily provided to users.

Powered by Microsoft’s business intelligence framework and Power BI service, GCORP IQ is able to meet the demands of today’s growing businesses, transforming your data into rich visualisations and allowing you to focus on what is most important to you.

Pre-built models

Using the pre-built data models, based upon common business measures, users can rapidly get started building new reports and dashboards.


The ready-to-ship standard reports provide a visually appealing presentation of your data with interactive cross-filtering, drill through and slicing.


Readily extend the pre-built data models and interactive reports to meet your specific business needs.

User defined dashboards

Allow users to define their own dashboards and present the information that is important to them.

Plain English queries

Ask the Power BI natural language query engine to discover insights in your data.

Seamless Integration

GCORP IQ seamlessly integrates with your existing GCORP ERP system and provides powerful analysis of your operational data.

GCORP IQ consists of a number of functional components that help you to rapidly unlock the power within your data, including:

Data Models

The pre-built data models that are shipped with GCORP IQ provide common structures that enable you to report upon the key functional areas of your business.

Interactive Reports

Visually appealing standard reporting structures allow for interactive user behaviour, including cross-filtering, drill through and slicing of your data.


Pin any report visualisation or the results from a natural language query to a dashboard. Create shared dashboards and arrange visualisations the way you want using the drag n drop feature. Customise the dashboard by including your corporate logo.

Desktop Client

Using the free Microsoft Power BI Desktop client you can rapidly customise and extend the standard reports. Choose from a range of included data visualisations to present your data the way you want to.

Cloud Services

Use the Microsoft Power BI cloud service to rapidly share your reports and dashboards among your team.

Mobile Apps

Using the Microsoft Power BI mobile apps your users can access their dashboards whenever, wherever and on their device of their choice.


Grow your business without growing your headcount. With well-rounded software automation, clients are able to cope with rising demands, process increasing volumes of orders, and focus on value-adding functions such as sales and marketing.

Direct sales and consultancy – GCORP is the product of more than 20 years of in-house development and innovation. We offer a compelling pricing proposition and personalised, dedicated post-sales support.

Industry focus and foresight – For over a decade we have been working with the Food and Beverage (F&B) & FMCG industries. We specialise in addressing the challenges, significant opportunities, and complexities of businesses in these industries.

Easily implemented and total integrated extension products – work with a single vendor to cater for the extent of your software needs. Extending from your website to your field based sales team to your warehouse staff and trading partners. The suite of GCORP ERP extension products provides you with a totally integrated software platform to grow your business.

Extend Your GCORP for Greater Efficiency

Case Study

MOO Premium Foods was using multiple disparate systems to manage day-to-day processing and reporting requirements, and they were both labour-intensive and unable to keep up with the business’ demands.

GCORP allowed multiple tasks to be amalgamated to reduce time spent on data entry, as well as to lessen or eliminate errors. GCORP Roam also enabled the company’s on-the-road sales staff to immediately enter customer information into the main system, producing a central pool of up-to-date data for sales reps and office personnel to share.

“The end-to-end process of training, implementation, and ongoing support of GRAYCORP has been straightforward and extremely thorough. The system has majorly improved the overall running of the business and increased staff efficiency across all areas.”

Mick Sanders, Managing Director, Moo Premium Foods

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