Linking Your GCORP ERP System to Your Trading Partners.

Electronically Integrate to Trading Partners

GCORP Link is a data transformation application that interfaces between your GCORP ERP and 3rd party systems, allowing for electronic data transfer. It ably supports traditional EDI interfaces, FTP, Email and File Listeners.

GCORP Link consists of the core processing engine responsible for the electronic transfer of information, along with one or more plugins that define the file mapping and business processing logic.

Simplify Your Trading Relationships

Reduce the manual paper flow when dealing with your trading partners. Get an electronic bi-directional feed of information to support your trading relationship.

Smart Configuration

The GCORP Link engine consists of a framework with configuration, validation, and notification elements, defining the exact business rules and data involved with each trading relationship.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Why re-handle the same data when you can streamline your data entry and processing requirements? Readily deal with growing volumes of transactions without expanding your headcount. GCORP Link has the capability to deal with large transactional volumes that would otherwise require significant growth in data entry staff.

Data Integrity

Reduce the amount of manual data handling and reduce your risk of data entry error. The built in validation logic seamlessly and consistently validates each file prior to processing ensuring that only valid data is entered in to your system.

GCORP Link has been designed to support a range of electronic data transfer methodologies:

  • EDI Interfaces are supported to allow for fully automated end-to-end integration without the need for manual intervention.
  • FTP listeners allow the GCORP Link engine to interact with one or more FTP (or SFTP) folders. New transaction files placed in the FTP directories will be automatically transferred and processed and, where applicable, response files will be returned into the FTP folders.
  • Email listeners allow transactional files to be sent to nominated email addresses. New emails will be read, interrogated and then processed
  • File listeners allow transactional files to be placed into local file directories. New files placed in the nominated directories will be automatically processed. Where required, response files may be output to nominated file directories.

GCORP Link has been designed using a plugin architecture so that a single GCORP ERP can be integrated with multiple trading partners. The plugins are defined individually based upon the file format to be handled and the business rules to be implemented. Each plugin contains the field mapping rules, the validation tests that are required to be performed before the file can be handled and the notification logic to be implemented for both success and failure.


Grow your business without growing your headcount. With well-rounded software automation, clients are able to cope with rising demands, process increasing volumes of orders, and focus on value-adding functions such as sales and marketing.

Direct sales and consultancy – GCORP is the product of more than 20 years of in-house development and innovation. We offer a compelling pricing proposition and personalised, dedicated post-sales support.

Industry focus and foresight – For over a decade we have been working with the Food and Beverage (F&B) & FMCG industries. We specialise in addressing the challenges, significant opportunities, and complexities of businesses in these industries.

Easily implemented and total integrated extension products – work with a single vendor to cater for the extent of your software needs. Extending from your website to your field based sales team to your warehouse staff and trading partners. The suite of GCORP ERP extension products provides you with a totally integrated software platform to grow your business.

Extend Your GCORP for Greater Efficiency

Case Study

MOO Premium Foods was using multiple disparate systems to manage day-to-day processing and reporting requirements, and they were both labour-intensive and unable to keep up with the business’ demands.

GCORP allowed multiple tasks to be amalgamated to reduce time spent on data entry, as well as to lessen or eliminate errors. GCORP Roam also enabled the company’s on-the-road sales staff to immediately enter customer information into the main system, producing a central pool of up-to-date data for sales reps and office personnel to share.

“The end-to-end process of training, implementation, and ongoing support of GRAYCORP has been straightforward and extremely thorough. The system has majorly improved the overall running of the business and increased staff efficiency across all areas.”

Mick Sanders, Managing Director, Moo Premium Foods

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