Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing systems to increase your efficiency and visibility across the business.

Fully Integrated Accounting & Manufacturing Software

Make decisions confident in the knowledge that you have an understanding of your true business position at any given time. The GCORP suite of fully integrated software sits at the heart of GRAYCORP’s product offerings. Through providing accurate, real-time information to business operators and management, GCORP’s core modules support the key operational areas of a business:

  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Production and Manufacturing

The GCORP suite has been progressively developed and enhanced for the past 20 years to respond to the unique and constantly changing needs of the Food & Beverage and FMCG industries.


Single Integrated Database

Benefit from tight systems integration as you satisfy growing manufacturing and distribution volumes. All without expanding your staff base and dealing with disparate systems that hurt your efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Access to Data and Increased Visibility

Get real-time access to data and achieve centralised information capture. Go beyond gut feel in your decision-making when you are armed with up-to-date knowledge on critical areas such as inventory, production cost and schedule, sales and purchasing, and financial management.

Streamlined Data Entry and Processing

Reduce administrative burden, eliminate human errors, and avoid duplication or triplication of data in a wealth of day-to-day functions, from product quotations and supply negotiations to invoicing and product performance reporting.

Better Planning and Forecasting

Be proactive in your operations, predicting material and labour requirements and planning ahead. Improve your costing, purchasing, labour deployment, and production cycles to better account for varying consumption patterns and market forces.

Batch and Lot Control and Management

Get full traceability over the movement and consumption of each batch of ingredients, raw materials, and finished goods. This way you can rapidly respond to a recall situation – and act swiftly in your own favour.

The comprehensive Finance modules – which cover everything from accounts payable and accounts receivable to comprehensive financial reports – allow you to manage the many diverse aspects of your company’s finances. The Finance modules include the following:


The Accounts Payable module manages all supplier invoice processing, supplier payments and your indebtedness to them with optional automated bulk remittance processing and remittance advice email facilities. This module is integrated with both the Purchasing and General Ledger modules, providing a seamless flow of information from Goods Receival through to Financial Reporting.


The Accounts Receivable module manages all customer invoice processing, cash receipting and customer indebtedness with bulk statement distribution and customer remittance facilities. This module is integrated with the Sales, Inventory and General Ledger modules, providing a seamless flow of information from initial sale through to Product Despatch and Financial Reporting.


The Cash Management module facilitates the processing of sundry transactions that are unrelated to the Debtor and Creditor sub ledgers. It also facilitates the processing of Bank Transfers and Bank Reconciliations and is directly integrated to the General Ledger.


The General Ledger and Financial Reporting module is the heart of the GCORP suite and integrates with all sub modules. The General Ledger module enables you to create and maintain your Chart of Accounts and Reporting Groups as well as the processing of direct General Ledger Journals. The Financial Reporting provides the ability to perform General Ledger enquiries, generate BAS reporting data and produce your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports in various formats.

The Distribution modules cover Inventory Control, Purchasing, Sales, Point of Sale, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Kit Management, and Shipment Reconciliations, with full support for Foreign Currency and Batch Management.


Inventory Control is a fundamental component of the GCORP software. The inventory module provides the facilities to create, manage and categorise your inventory items to facilitate your day to day processing and reporting requirements. In addition to master file management, the Inventory module also integrates with the Purchasing module to deliver the stock management sub ledger, which in turn integrates with the General Ledger. The Inventory module also integrates with the Sales and Manufacturing modules to facilitate production and distribution based transactions.


The Purchasing module provides you with the tools required to effectively manage your supplier based inventories. The Purchase Order facility integrates with the Accounts Payable and Inventory modules, enabling you to generate Purchase Orders based on either your or your Supplier’s terms. The simple Goods Inwards processing enables you to book stock into inventory and recognise the liability into your financials without having received the Supplier’s invoice. The integration with the Accounts Payable module allows for simple Goods In-matching, mitigating the need to rekey data. Comprehensive reporting provides historical item usage statistics and supplier performance reporting.


The Sales module provides a comprehensive suite of data entry facilities and reporting to accommodate your daily processing requirements and historical product / customer performance reporting. Included within the module are facilities to optionally generate and manage quotations to customers, directly enter new orders from customers, manage your item allocations and activate individual or multiple orders to invoices. The comprehensive reporting suite provides numerous operational reports required for day to day processing as well as a vast array of sales analysis reports. In addition there is a comprehensive price management facility that allows to create an unlimited number of pricing structures and date controlled promotions with seamless integration in to daily processing and sales analysis reporting.


The POS module is an optional module targeted to retail based outlets that provides touch screen based design, till integration and rapid transaction processing. The POS module integrates with the Stock and Debtors sub ledgers, allowing a seamless flow from retail sale to Financial reporting.


The CRM module provides a detailed contact management facility, allowing the capture of information about key contacts within each customer. Intrinsic within this module is the ability to record notes against both customers and contacts, the ability to record sales enquiries for follow up action, the ability to record information on prospective clients that are not yet approved for trade, and the ability to distribute emails in bulk. The CRM module integrates directly with the Accounts Receivable and Sales modules.


The Kit Management facility provides a mechanism by which multiple separate products may be combined as component parts within a Kit. It allows you to invoice a Kit as the sales unit and automatically deplete your Kit stock. Where the Kit stock is insufficient to meet the requirement, the facility automatically creates stock adjustments in the background for the components required to make up the Kits that have been sold. When receiving Kits from your Suppliers you may optionally update Kit stock or component stock for the Kits received. Additionally, when stock-taking Kits you may nominate whether to adjust the stock of your Kits or the Components.


The Shipment Reconciliation module is targeted to companies that import products. This module provides the facility to derive Landed Cost data. The module operates by matching deliveries with Supplier invoices and Customs Clearance (including any Duty) and Freight invoices to enable you to determine the Consolidated Landed Cost of the shipment and to spread the Duty, Freight and Handling costs over the items included.


The Finance and Distribution modules are all Foreign Currency aware. When implemented both the Purchase to Pay and Sale to Receipt processes will allow you to process in any currency that is required and the system will automatically convert those values back to AUD for processing to the General Ledger, inclusive of the determination of Exchange Rate Variances.


The Distribution and Manufacturing modules are all fully integrated to the Batch Management facilities providing the ability to implement end to end traceability from Goods Receipt to Order Despatching. The associated reporting provides full traceability over the consumption of each batch of each ingredient and/or finished goods, providing the information required to rapidly respond to a recall situation.

The Manufacturing modules enable you to gain full control over the production aspects of your business. These modules cover Recipe Management, Product Costing, Production Orders & Releases, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Production Management, Production Scheduling and Cost of Goods Manufactured.


This module allows you to create multiple discrete Recipes / BOMs for each manufactured items, incorporating labour, ingredients, setup time, process stages, operator instructions and packaging materials. The Recipes / BOMS are directly linked to the Inventory module, allowing multiple Recipes / BOMS to be linked to an individual Inventory item to cater for alternate production modes.


Once your Recipes / BOMs are prepared you may run the Product Costing reports to determine the estimated cost of your normal production run quantity for the item involved. Additionally you may use the Product Costing facilities to automatically update your inventory cost for manufactured items.


The creation of new Production Orders may be performed through Sales Quote activation, manual creation based upon forecast / plan, or based upon demand for delivery. When a Production Order is created a snapshot of the associated Recipe / BOM is taken to provide an estimated material and labour requirement for the specified Production Order. At this time Commitments are placed against the required ingredient and packaging materials and, if implemented, purchase requisitions may be raised against external suppliers. The processing of Production Releases may occur upfront, during, or at the completion of production, and in a partial or full manner to provide flexibility in the timing of data capture. Additionally there is full support for the releasing of co-products and bi-products. Optionally, you may backflush materials and labour on a proportionate basis as you process releases. As each Production Release is processed, the inventory levels of the released item(s) and materials (when using backflushing) are automatically updated. The associated reporting suite provides comparisons between estimated and actual yields.


The MRP module allows you to create multiple MRP runs using a range of criteria to provide multiple concurrent views of your material requirements. The MRP module is integrated with the Manufacturing, Inventory and Sales modules, allowing you to view your material requirements based upon forecasts, quotes and active work orders. The associated reports provide the ability to view requirements by item within category as well as displaying critical items.


The Production Management facilities provide the ability to capture actual consumption of both materials and labour. As work is performed you may process material issues to specify the exact quantities of ingredients and packaging materials that are used within each Production Order. As each material issue is processed the inventory of the associated items is automatically updated. Similarly, you may also capture timesheets to specify the actual labour utilised at each process stage within each Production Order. As material issues and timesheets are processed the work in progress valuation of the associated Production Order is automatically incremented providing real time comparisons between estimated and actual cost for each production run.


The Production Scheduling module provides clear information for your production supervision staff so that they know what work is required to be performed each day at each stage of your production process. As each Production Order is raised the schedule is automatically updated. The associated reporting provides the ability to review the overall schedule or drill-in to a specific production process / department and view the load on that specific area.


The COGM module is an advanced reporting module that provides detailed analysis of your production on a run-by-run and monthly basis. The reports within the suite provide fine grain analysis of your production enabling you to better understand your actual costs compared with your standard costs, as defined in your Recipes / BOMs. To utilise this module you must be capturing both timesheets and material issues.

The GCORP Administration module holds all of the company information the system uses for processing transactions and is accessed by all other modules.

The Administration module is used to define:

• System default settings
• Security access
• Fiscal calendars
• Accounting periods
• Tax rates
• System configuration
• All other administrative functions


Grow your business without growing your headcount. With well-rounded software automation, clients are able to cope with rising demands, process increasing volumes of orders, and focus on value-adding functions such as sales and marketing.

Direct sales and consultancy – GCORP is the product of more than 20 years of in-house development and innovation. We offer a compelling pricing proposition and personalised, dedicated post-sales support.

Industry focus and foresight – For over a decade we have been working with the Food and Beverage (F&B) & FMCG industries. We specialise in addressing the challenges, significant opportunities, and complexities of businesses in these industries.

Easily implemented and total integrated extension products – work with a single vendor to cater for the extent of your software needs. Extending from your website to your field based sales team to your warehouse staff and trading partners. The suite of GCORP ERP extension products provides you with a totally integrated software platform to grow your business.

Extend Your GCORP for Greater Efficiency

Case Study

MOO Premium Foods was using multiple disparate systems to manage day-to-day processing and reporting requirements, and they were both labour-intensive and unable to keep up with the business’ demands.

GCORP allowed multiple tasks to be amalgamated to reduce time spent on data entry, as well as to lessen or eliminate errors. GCORP Roam also enabled the company’s on-the-road sales staff to immediately enter customer information into the main system, producing a central pool of up-to-date data for sales reps and office personnel to share.

“The end-to-end process of training, implementation, and ongoing support of GRAYCORP has been straightforward and extremely thorough. The system has majorly improved the overall running of the business and increased staff efficiency across all areas.”

Mick Sanders, Managing Director, Moo Premium Foods

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