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The GCORP software suite has been instrumental in the growth and success of many Australian companies looking to improve their efficiency, scale up in their production, trade online and take on a more proactive stance in their business.

Our solutions, built upon over two decades of software development and business consulting experience, meet the needs of Food & Beverage (F&B) firms and provide our clients greater control and insight into their operations.

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Food Production & Distribution


With a current system based on old technology, Spring Gully’s management team recognised the need to move to a system that was capable of leveraging the benefits of modern technologies, providing a platform to streamline business processes.


The GCORP ERP system and a purpose built Honey Management module were implemented. Core business processes have been streamlined by leveraging current and emerging technologies.


Due to the intrinsic integration within the GCORP suite, Spring Gully has been able to improve the management of its raw materials, enabling the company to better meet production requirements and optimise the use of working capital.

“Our system’s flexibility and access to timely and accurate information is beyond our expectations”

Kevin Webb, Managing Director, Spring Gully Foods Pty Ltd

Almond Processing


Almondco was experiencing ongoing issues with existing software, compounded by poor support from the vendor. Faced with the prospect of a costly upgrade, they chose to explore alternative systems.


After thorough investigation, Almondco chose to implement GRAYCORP’s GCORP ERP system, providing Almondco with a solution to their short term issues as well as a platform for future growth and integration.


The information that is gathered and readily available in the GCORP system is enabling Almondco, as one of the world’s premier almond processors, to raise the overall performance of the Australian almond industry, which is helping to create economic wealth for the rural community.

“GCORP has exceeded our expectations due to its ease of use, effective training and proactive responses by GRAYCORP staff to our queries”

Peter Bartlett, Finance Manager (Retired), Almondco Australia Limited

Yoghurt Manufacturing


MOO Premium Foods was using multiple disparate systems to manage day-to-day processing and reporting requirements, and they were both labour-intensive and unable to keep up with the business’ demands. 


After an extensive investigation and a careful study of their options, MOO chose to implement GRAYCORP’s GCORP ERP & GCORP Roam solutions to provide an integrated system that reduced their data entry requirement and provided access to real-time operational information. 


GCORP allowed multiple tasks to be amalgamated to reduce time spent on data entry, as well as to lessen or eliminate errors. GCORP Roam also enabled the company’s on-the-road sales staff to immediately enter customer information into the main system, producing a central pool of up-to-date data for sales reps and office personnel to share. 

“The end-to-end process of training, implementation, and ongoing support of GRAYCORP has been straightforward and extremely thorough. The system has majorly improved the overall running of the business and increased staff efficiency across all areas.”

Mick Sanders, Managing Director, Moo Premium Foods

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