24/7 Self-Service for Customers
Connect using WordPress or build your own system

e-Commerce Made Easy

GCORP Kiosk is a 24/7 self-service system for your customers. It spells buying convenience for them, as well as data entry reduction for your admin team. It can be easily connected using WordPress or can be built and integrated into your website by your own web developer using our API.

24/7 Order Capture and Management

Give your customers the ability to place their orders when and where they want to. They can create template orders, get full visibility of their pricing, manage their own account information, and reprint invoices and statements. GCORP Kiosk provides full B2B and B2C transaction processing, letting customers initiate and complete their own purchases.

Comprehensive API Structure

Allow your web developer to create your own interface and interact with the GCORP Kiosk API directly. Trade online with the power of customisation and without abandoning or going outside of your own content management system.

Reduced Data Entry

Remove your admin burden by allowing your customers to access their own order and account information, mitigating the need for your staff to process data and respond to customer queries.

Seamless Integration

Unlike plenty of other e-commerce solutions, GCORP Kiosks provides a direct, and seamless integration back into your GCORP ERP system, reducing the need for additional data entry.


Add more detailed product information to the standard GCORP ERP and your website, from media files and multiple images to documents and tags. Have your products exist under numerous category hierarchies, creating a relevant structure for your customers.

When implementing the GCORP Kiosk suite, a number of add on components will be installed into your GCORP ERP system. These components facilitate the centralised management of master files, including product catalogues, media files, customer website logins and pricing, freight rules and configuration settings This centralised management mitigates the need to re-handle data and allows the same data to be used across your entire GCORP product suite.

The GCORP Kiosk API provides the interface between the GCORP ERP system and your website. The API provides full support for 3rd party website developers to integrate to their preferred e-commerce platform. The API has been specifically designed to facilitate 24×7 access to data regardless of whether there is a live connection to the GCORP ERP database. This is achieved through the storing of “last known state” data in a local database within the API. Additionally, the API has been designed to seamlessly transition between online and offline states. This means that data will be automatically synchronised when the connection is online without the need for user intervention.

To facilitate the ease of implementation for clients, we have developed a Gocrp Kiosk plugin for the WordPress platform. When installed, this plugin will communicate directly with the GCORP Kiosk API providing a full e-commerce solution for your WordPress website. The plugin will allow your customers to log into your website and perform the following functions:

  • Browse your products and see their specific pricing
  • Add items to a shopping cart and place their order
  • Save shopping carts for future ordering
  • Create template shopping carts to facilitate rapid ordering
  • Update and manage their contact details and delivery addresses
  • Reprint statements and invoices
  • Review recent orders

Orders placed through the plugin will be automatically synchronised to your GCORP ERP system and created as new Sales Orders awaiting fulfilment.


Grow your business without growing your headcount. With well-rounded software automation, clients are able to cope with rising demands, process increasing volumes of orders, and focus on value-adding functions such as sales and marketing.

Direct sales and consultancy – GCORP is the product of more than 20 years of in-house development and innovation. We offer a compelling pricing proposition and personalised, dedicated post-sales support.

Industry focus and foresight – For over a decade we have been working with the Food and Beverage (F&B) & FMCG industries. We specialise in addressing the challenges, significant opportunities, and complexities of businesses in these industries.

Easily implemented and total integrated extension products – work with a single vendor to cater for the extent of your software needs. Extending from your website to your field based sales team to your warehouse staff and trading partners. The suite of GCORP ERP extension products provides you with a totally integrated software platform to grow your business.

Extend Your GCORP for Greater Efficiency

Case Study

MOO Premium Foods was using multiple disparate systems to manage day-to-day processing and reporting requirements, and they were both labour-intensive and unable to keep up with the business’ demands.

GCORP allowed multiple tasks to be amalgamated to reduce time spent on data entry, as well as to lessen or eliminate errors. GCORP Roam also enabled the company’s on-the-road sales staff to immediately enter customer information into the main system, producing a central pool of up-to-date data for sales reps and office personnel to share.

“The end-to-end process of training, implementation, and ongoing support of GRAYCORP has been straightforward and extremely thorough. The system has majorly improved the overall running of the business and increased staff efficiency across all areas.”

Mick Sanders, Managing Director, Moo Premium Foods

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